Kristin Bøyesen

Ulver - Messe I.X - VI.X

Ulver - Live Visuals '09 (Excerpts)

Ulver - Hallways of Always


Kristin Bøyesen’s work as a film and video artist extends beyond live action; in the past decade she has also completed a wide range of projects involving drawing, animation, graphic and video design, visual effects and motion graphics.


In recent years Kristin has developed a unique approach to her work, through which she achieves a compelling aesthetic by experimenting with various techniques. Her very characteristic style has attracted various clients, for whom she has delivered many award-winning projects on film, TV and online platforms.


Kristin has long collaborated with the music band Ulver, and her work on their live visuals has won superb reviews from critics worldwide. She also engages with other internationally-known artists and musicians and was recently commissioned for a major projection-mapping scheme by the Norwegian authorities.