Andreas Waldschuetz


Jana Wieland - Strange Pie: Part I

Jana Wieland - Strange Pie: Part II

Cammarosano - We Are Not Afraid of the Ruins

Sohn - Bloodflows (Live Session)


Born in Vienna, Andreas Waldschuetz is a self-taught visual artist and image-maker. He started out making music videos for indie bands on tape while living in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the early 2000’s. He then returned to Vienna where he worked on commercial campaigns and editorial work for some glossy magazines. Always on the lookout for exciting fashion, inspiring music and out-of-this-world locations, he travelled across Europe, and worked between London, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. Andreas often executes projects with utmost complexity – from the choice of protagonists to the set design, from the lighting to the location, he focuses on bringing stunning visuals before his audience eyes. He is a perfectionist with high aspirations and is keen to tread the unbeaten path and develop new techniques with each project he takes on. His work often features borrowings from ‘futuristic dream worlds’ and his meticulously planned shoots see a team of world class contributors around him.